We pride ourselves in being a creative company that caters for your private and corporate affairs as well as on Film and TV Commercial Sets. Furthermore we offer full events management and events co-ordination services for your special party which includes decor, design, entertainment and technical requirements. Custom menus are created for your office boardroom meetings, for your wedding or for your private party hosted in the comfort of your home. We mostly service Pretoria and Johannesburg areas, but we travel with pleasure should the need arise.

Catering Services

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Who Are We?

A trendsetter in delectable cuisine, event coordination, as well as catering for corporate office functions, our warm, friendly and professional energy offers so much more than the usual for your special event. We want to showcase what are the most popular menus at the moment in terms of the catering side of your event, as well as decor option and floral arrangements. Have a look at what needs to be taken into consideration when requesting quotes specifically for your menu choices.





Most Popular Menu Style

By far the most popular kind of menu that clients choose is a Canapé style menu.

A myriad of different tastes are made in smaller portions and each dish presented in/on its own crockery (small plate, small glass, small bowls etc.).

Popular for:

  1. Corporate Office Celebrations
  2. Weddings
  3. Private Special occasions (the likes of birthday celebrations as well as anniversaries)

We literally prepare most of the foods in our kitchen, pack and travel to any one of the above-mentioned locations, and finish the bites off on site.

Should the venue / site not have full kitchen facilities, we hire out equipment necessary to execute the affair at your chosen location.

The canapé menu often is designed around a specific theme for instance a Thai Party / Colonial affair / True South African Party, etc.

Even though this kind of menu not only gives a taste explosion to your guests, but it also creates a WOW factor. The quantity could be compared to a voluptuous four-course meal and you can rest assured that no one will leave your affair hungry.

The first factor that one should take into consideration when deciding to choose the canapé menu for your party is that each carefully designed food item is presented on a singular plate/bowl/glass which needs to be hired in. Refer to picture on top left.

Secondly each item would need utensils to devour the delectable foods. A simple calculation would be for instance:

  • You invite 10 guests and you choose a canapé menu with a variety of 10 different bites (one of each per person).
  • 10 guests x 10 crockery items = 100 small little plates/bowls/glasses
  • 10 guests x utensils = 100 small little forks/spoons/knives
  • All of these need to be hired in to execute your party flawlessly

Thirdly, should you not have large platters or stands available to present the foodies on, then these would also need to be hired in. The following examples that we have done before (both pictures on bottom left) will suffice to explain:

  1. Flowers and vase for office farewell.
  2. Large wooden platters were hired in to present the food on (this party did not use different crockery items, but rather the large platters which worked for their menu)
  3. Grass planters to present the food on sticks inside the grass.
  4. Side plates were hired in.
  5. Very large round chrome stands for display purposes at this house warming party.
  6. Silver trays.
  7. Tall shooter glasses for prawn cocktail.

All in all, this kind of entertaining proofs to be very successful at all parties where I have hosted it.

Classic 3 Course Meal

This kind of catering is usually chosen for a formal affair like a wedding or a special birthday party. The specific examples that I show above were done for a winner of a BBC Television contest in Johannesburg. The same principle is followed where we prepare most of the menu in our kitchen, we pack and transport the foods, cutlery and crockery to your house/office/venue where we finish the product off and serve it to your guests.

Once again, should you not have the cutlery and crockery available, it could be hired in.

The starter above was slithers of seared duck breast complimented by soy and teriyaki reduction. Followed mains, a classic oxtail with creamy mash and vegetables on the side. And to finish off a vanilla Panacotta presented in a porcelain cloche. We have also entertained a client who invited some friends over for a food and wine pairing experience in the comfort of her own house.

One Course Meal.
rib-eyeShould you not have the budget or the occasion, a one-course meal could also be ordered in. And example would be one that I made as per picture on the right: Rib eye steak with veg.



Boardroom Luncheon

Boardroom luncheons for either top management meetings or to impress prospective clients during a marketing presentation is an excellent idea to get your guests relaxed and to WOW them.

In the pictures below you get a good idea of what we have served for either lunch or breakfast in executive boardrooms. Breakfast as well as lunch is served as a three-course meal and presented as below.




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Delectable Menus

Canape / Small Plate Menus


Browse through some of our Canape Menus below and click on your chosen menu to read more:

  • [ilightbox id=”0″]Canape Menu 1[/ilightbox]
  • [ilightbox id=”1″]Canape Menu 2[/ilightbox]
  • [ilightbox id=”2″]Canape Menu 3[/ilightbox]
  • [ilightbox id=”3″]Canape Menu 4[/ilightbox]

Custom Menu


Browse through some of our Custom Menus below and click on your chosen menu to read more:

  • [ilightbox id=”4″]Braai and Nibble Menu[/ilightbox]
  • [ilightbox id=”5″]Breakfast Menu[/ilightbox]
  • [ilightbox id=”6″]Food and Wine Menu[/ilightbox]
  • [ilightbox id=”7″]Colonial Menu[/ilightbox]
  • [ilightbox id=”8″]Three Course Menu[/ilightbox]

Corporate and Other Menus


Browse through some of our Corporate and other Menus below and click on your chosen menu to read more:

  • [ilightbox id=”9″]Fourways High School – Musical “Hairspray” Catering[/ilightbox]
  • [ilightbox id=”10″]Fourways High School – Sports Day Catering[/ilightbox]
  • [ilightbox id=”11″]Movie Premiere “The hundred Foot Journey” Catering[/ilightbox]
  • [ilightbox id=”12″]RMB Luncheon[/ilightbox]



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Weekly flower deliveries are done all over Gauteng (Johannesburg and Pretoria) to both offices and private homes. You are most welcome to give us a call to add you to our route. Flowers are bought fresh from the market early Monday mornings, we do the arrangements and deliver the flowers in water and vases during the course of every Monday. We also do flowers for special occasions like weddings or birthday parties or corporate events.





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Event Coordination

Besides the extensive experience gathered over all the years in co-ordination and executing successful projects, it has always come naturally and is even more so a great passion of mine.

I am proud to have managed elite projects and some examples would be Sasol’s prestige award ceremony, a road show for Nu Metro Head office, Ford new car launch, SABS gala dinner, gourmet evening for our current Minister of Finance, year-end function for the Road Accident fund to name a few.

We offer complete event solutions. From liaison with suppliers and clientele regarding specific event requirements to managing a team of event managers and co-ordinators, we build relationships with key stakeholders.

For your affair, we create detailed and visual proposals and budgets for events and presentation these proposals on boardroom level for complete transparency. Pre-event, on-site, and post event communication to all parties involved are communicated at all times to ensure understanding of all aspects of the event.

We source venues, engage in catering, all technological, rigging and staging requirements as well as entertainment. We adhere to insurance, health and safety requirements per job. We co-ordinate staff requirements and handle the briefing of staff. We co-ordinate suppliers, handling client queries and troubleshooting on the day of the event to ensure that all runs smoothly.

Lastly, we can assist in the management of promotional gifts and clothing and branding as is necessary according to client specifications.





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Film Shoot and TV Commercial Catering

Our catering services extend to Film and TV Commercial catering where on time service as well as quality foods are the magic combination.

On feature film sets we ensure on time delivery of breakfast served according to the directors call sheet, usually between 5am and 7am. A midmorning snack for the cast followed by a warm lunch between 12pm and 1pm. The last snack to be served mid afternoon. A craft station is build at the catering arena as well as on set with coffees and refreshments. Full kitchen facilities are brought in to cater hot meals on shoot locations, sometimes remote and rough terrain. We then travel with the cast to the following as per call sheet and repeat the process. Of course the times change during a night shoot where our call times are usually from 6pm to 6am.

TV Commercials catering include the same services as per feature film sets above, the difference is that the TV commercials usually run for one or two days only where film services run over extended periods of time.





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